Valentine Pack #4 (2021)
Valentine Pack #4 (2021)

Valentine Pack #4 (2021)

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Our 4th annual Sweetheart Valentine Card Set!

Every year, we round up a few other artists, and we all pitch in to produce a limited run set of Valentine's Day Art Cards. This year's set is our biggest yet!

What's in the box?
Inside the box, you'll find a set of 12 different art cards, a duplicate set of the same cards, so you can give one set away, and keep a set for yourself!


This year's set features 12 art cards from:

Los Lames
Pour Things
Alice Holleman / Frivalice
Eric Dixon
Catawampus Press
Vicki Be Wicked
Kristen DeBockler / Brutalsquid
Megan Corbally / Anxiety Brunch
Youngblood Made
Tibbin Designs