10 Day of Giftmas - Strung Outt beanies

Today's item... Custom beanies from StrungOutt (IG: @StrungOutt)
Cost: $30
Where's it at? Etsy or around the Raleigh pop-up scene.

Not entirely intentionally mirroring the Chicago scarf idea (but they do actually make a pretty neat combo), here's a Raleigh maker to get a custom beanie from. StrungOutt offers a number of pre-made hand-stitched designs, or you can get a custom one for a few bucks more. Snapbacks available too, if you couldn't tell.

For the 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be highlighting twelve products from other artists — six from Raleigh/Durham, six from Chicago — that we wish we had gotten for Christmas. We'll even tell you where to get it, in case Grandma sent you $$CASH$$!!