11th Day of Giftmas - Shoes by Josh Harker

Today's item... Hi-top Zipz from Josh Harker (IG: @JoshuaHarkerArtist)
Cost: $135
Where's it at? His webstore.

These are WAY over the budget of what we've been presenting, but we just had to include them. These are hi-top Zipz by Josh Harker. Zipz are designed with detachable soles, which lets you shop for new "covers" without having to buy a whole new pair. There are ups and downs to this, but still... how cool??

For the 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be highlighting twelve products from other artists — six from Raleigh/Durham, six from Chicago — that we wish we had gotten for Christmas. We'll even tell you where to get it, in case Grandma sent you $$CASH$$!!