1st Day of Giftmas - The Bear Champ Pin Set

Today's item... The Bear Champ enamel pin set, by JC Rivera (IG: @JCRivera)
Cost: $25
Where's it at? Grassroots - 515 N Halsted, Chicago IL

Seriously, how cool? You may recognize The Bear Champ, it's pretty iconic. If you've yet to discover, there's no time like the present. Actually, that's not entirely true, because as far as we can tell, these are already sold out. Ideally, the time to discover would have been 5 days ago or sooner. If you're diligent, you might catch the next batch though... according to the Grassroots Instagram, it looks like they'll be made available online. In the meanwhile, you can get some super special prints from his webstore for about $100.

For the 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be highlighting twelve products from other artists — six from Raleigh/Durham, six from Chicago — that we wish we had gotten for Christmas. We'll even tell you where to get it, in case Grandma sent you $$CASH$$!!