7th Day of Giftmas - Cheeky Undies

Today's item... Cheeky Undies by Jamie Koala (IG: @KoalaArtDesign)
Cost: $22.99 (mostly)
Where's it at? KoalaArtAndDesign.com

In case you're bumming around because it's cold outside, but also running around in your undies because it's warm inside, Jamie Koala recently released a line of Cheeky Undies. There's other cool stuff too, some themed after your favorite old school video games, some not. Go browse. We've linked you directly to the undies page, for your convenience.

For the 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be highlighting twelve products from other artists — six from Raleigh/Durham, six from Chicago — that we wish we had gotten for Christmas. We'll even tell you where to get it, in case Grandma sent you $$CASH$$!!