Basement Battle is back in 2024!

basement battle header

Years ago, before we were doing more than pop-ups and festivals, we started a live art series in a basement venue in Downtown Raleigh. What was meant to be a party or two, turned into a whole ongoing thing, that only stopped because of COVID.

We've gotten requests for years to revive the events, and in November, we finally did it, kind of as a surprise.

Well, it's back again, February First Friday (Feb 2) 2024!!!

If you'd like to battle in the event, host the event at your venue in the future, be one of the event sponsors, or even just tell us to throw a battle in your city, you can click [HERE] to fill out the interest form.

Get details at the Facebook event page by clicking [HERE].

You can also follow the Basement Battle Instagram for updates and artist features by following [HERE].