Fiesta de Munjo on Saturday!

When someone pointed out to us, that we'd been a downtown presence for 5 years, we decided to throw together something celebratory. We threw a crazy flash sale last weekend, and this Saturday, May 4 2024, we'll be hanging out Haymaker, just a few blocks down Fayetteville (in the walkway, across from the Downtown Marriot).

Cinco de Mayo isn't the holiday people seem to think it is, we usually throw a Cinco de Munjo party in its place, but this year, it'll be on the 4th... so... Cuatro de Munjo.

MF Handsome will be providing some tunes for us, while we sip some special cocktails and make a collaborative piece of art!

Come hang out for FREE, 8-11pm!

Haymaker is at 555 Fayetteville St, in Downtown Raleigh.