Monsters Market 2023!!!

monsters market 2023

Every October, we shift our inventory for the season... our artists bring out their creepy, spooky, gory, and other seasonally-relevant pieces, for the month. We always end up with new artists, many that will end up being new full-time carries.

Here's a few of the artists you can see new, unreleased, rare, and halloweenish stuff from this year:
Hank Simmons - prints, originals, and zines featuring gnarly illustrations
Black Lagoon Glass - handmade stained-glass hangings
Scorchers - laser-cut wall hangings, some with mirrors
Tittybats - handmade embroidered patches with cute, sus cats and possums
The Pickety Witch - the cutest "LuciPURR" plushies, pins, phone grips, and more
Julia Celeste - twisted takes on classic beanie babies, like 2-headed bats
Brutal Bohemian - intricate illustrations by Zac Bender
...and so many more artists you just have to come see!