Patreon Featured Artists, 2023 Edition

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Every month, we collab with a new artist to run some postcards, that are sent to Patreon subscribers, along with new unreleased Munjo stickers (sometimes exclusive ones that we don't even release)! Here's a full list of the artists you could have had postcards from in 2023. Maybe if you're lucky you'll find a few in the store... or sign up on Patreon [here]. You can also find past art and artist info in the Patreon feed, if you sign up.

Jan - @shanconart |
Feb - @just_a_crazy_illustrator 
Mar - @elysdraws |
Apr - @thegeorgehage |
May - @norespassing |
Jun - @lee_bee_arts |
Jul - @who.givesafont |
Aug - @tigerstoothshop |
Sep - @tedikuma |
Oct - @computer.hedd
Nov - @kuguenko |
Dec - @pintamar_ |

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