Support Local Makers

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought much of the independent art scene to a halt. Our store may be closed, but countless artists are losing money because of missed pop-ups, festivals, gallery openings, etc etc etc. We were creators long before we sold our first shirt, but it wasn't until we spent time in Raleigh's scene that we were motivated to the point of creating the Munjo Munjo brand.

To help return the love, we're dropping a new pre-order release, with all proceeds going to VAE's NC Artist Relief Fund. They've already distributed nearly $75,000 to 378 across 115 cities in NC. There's been $1.9 million in reported losses, so if you're a fan of the pop-up markets, local product retailers, festivals, etc, consider donating, wether through this pre-order, or directly, and help support the artists creating those products.