Día de los Muertos

day of the dead altar at munjo munjo

Our good friend Sanchez, of Pour Things, came by to help us utilize our window-bank for the season. He's built a Day of the Dead altar, which isn't as ominous as it sounds.

Nov 1 - Nov 2, in Mexican culture (all over Latin America, really), we celebrate Día de Muertos. It's a holiday to honor our passed friends and family, and lots of latine folks do so through offerings, like you'll see in our window, to help guide their spirits back to us for the holiday. They're traditionally built just as Halloween hits, and Nov 2nd, we celebrate, usually with parades, food, and music.

Learn more about the meaning behind each day and other info by visiting [this Dia de los Muertos website].

So that's what you'll find in our Wilmington St. window for the time being. Check it out before it's gone.