Downtown Raleigh's Favorite T-shirt Shop

munjo storefront in raleigh

We're Munjo Munjo, a minority/woman-owned art and gift store in Downtown Raleigh, NC. Our storefront, in the heart of downtown, features art and products from dozens of local and regional artists, often highlighting BIPOC and LGBTQI+ artists, and other creators from traditionally marginalized communities.

We're often called a t-shirt/gift shop, but our mission is to help local and regional artists, of all sorts, create practical — as well as fun — products from their art. Sure you can find paintings and stickers and tshirts, but you can also find pins, mugs, greeting cards, washi tapes and other products, all featuring original art created by small businesses!

Not only that, but we want to provide a fun, safe space for those artists to promote and sell those products. A place for local art, where the public can easily connect with — and support — small businesses.

amber in the munjo storefront making art

There are more than a couple of Downtown Raleigh gift stores, where you can buy art, t-shirts, and other products. Within a one block radius of Munjo Munjo, you can find four stores selling art and gifts: Gathering Gallery, Black Friday Market, Curate, and Deco. So how are we any different?

To start, we're the only store owned-and-operated by artists, whose products are also in the store; when you visit us, you’re meeting local creators. We're also the only store producing original products by the artists being carried. And we can even tell you about every single one of those artists, and why we support them. On top of it all, aside from keeping strict quality standards, we stress the "original art" part of working with artists. Buying gifts and souvenirs from Munjo Munjo, is supporting small businesses and independent creators.

jaime radar at munjo basement battle at creative mornings

In addition to operating the store, you can find us around the area, hosting pizza parties, singing at emo night events, and sometimes even selling our merch at pop-up markets and festivals. The only way to be sure you get to meet our boss though, Munjo himself, you should just drop into our Downtown Raleigh flagship store, in the heart of our Capitol city!

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