Media Services

We're not just artists making stuff, we're also artists making stuff for YOU! We want to see other people get their ideas in motion. Here's some stuff we dip our toes in, on a regular basis. Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation, to see if we can help you with your project.

munjo cotton candy packaging
One of us literally grew up in a print shop. The other worked in, owned or operated them for over a decade. It's safe to say we can guide you through some options to bring your ideas to life, while directing as much work as possible through the hands of independent and family-owned businesses.
munjo creative consulting
Maybe you have an idea, but aren't sure where to go with it. Maybe you already have a business, but need fresh marketing ideas. Maybe you're on social media, but your content sucks. Maybe you just need to sell more of your something. Wherever you're at, there's room to grow, and we can help nudge your idea in the right direction. Before this project, we helped huge brands and artists with their's, and that was cool and all, but who we really want to support, is small businesses and independent creators.
molly raleigh painting in the munjo store 
We've been trusted by some pretty big names to create effective content. Whether it's marketing a festival, creating Snapchat filters, writing on niche topics, or other things that "anyone" can do, we've been trusted to do it RIGHT. Our digital marketing experience goes farther back than MySpace, and we stay on top of trends and opportunities, to help you push your project.
munjo print mockup merchandise tee shirt sample
Need a logo? A mural? A custom pet portrait done with cool-tone only watercolors? We work with a circle of artists that we trust to represent our name and live up to our standards of originality and creativity. Whatever your project is, we can find the right artist for you.
ashton wilson edited dynamic portrait photo by munjo
Literally everyone is a photographer, on some level; we do it in that slick-looking, well developed (pun intended), professional quality way. Product photos, dynamic portraits, basic headshots... we'll help you look on-brand.
munjo video still from Glow in-store acoustic set event
We offer a limited range of video services in our workspace and on-location, and work with experienced and trusted partners for higher-demand productions.


Some companies that have recently trusted us with their visions...
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