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2024 Valentine Set Pre-Orders are on!

Every year, we team up with a few other artists, to produce a valentine set of art cards, and this year, we've got some special extra bundles for you, with some of our favorite coffee, tea, and socks! This year features 10 art cards (a copy of each to share), and a sticker, from creators carried in our store!

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Patreon Featured Artists, 2023 Edition

Every month, we collab with a new artist to run some postcards, that are sent to Patreon subscribers, along with new unreleased Munjo stickers (sometimes exclusive ones that we don't even release)! Here's a full list of the artists you could have had postcards from in 2023...

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Basement Battle is back in 2024!

Years ago, before we were doing more than pop-ups and festivals, we started a live art series in a basement venue in Downtown Raleigh. We've gotten requests for years to revive the events, and in November, we finally did it, kind of as a surprise...

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