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Monsters Market 2023!!!

Every October, we shift our inventory for the season... our artists bring out their creepy, spooky, gory, and other seasonally-relevant pieces, for the month. We always end up with new artists, many that will end up being new full-time carries. Here's a few of the artists you can see new, unreleased, rare, and halloweenish stuff from this year:

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Our first ever Spooky Set!

Introducing, our new seasonal art card set, the Spooky Set!! Featuring mailable art cards, by artists already found in our store, or that we hope is soon to be found in our store. Available as single sets, or as doubles, so you can mail one to a somebody, and keep the other for yourself. All sets also include a 4x6" 11-piece sticker sheet by Sanchz (matching his contribution to the set).

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